Architect-Led Residential - Kreger Design Build

What is the value of the direct two-way relationship (owner and design/build entity) called Design/Build rather than the triangular paradigm called design-bid-build?

The answers include: –

  • More efficient communications throughout the entire process, –
  • Better cost management from day one, –
  • Architect-lead concurrent design and estimating from beginning to end. –
  • Specialized experience in custom residential solutions. Bob only works on homes.

Our performance-driven architect-led design/build philosophy in three words: Personal, Accountable, Remarkable.

It really is personal for us. Everything we do revolves around you, the client—your goals, preferences, lifestyle and budget. We work to surpass your expectations. Ask our past customers!

For us, being accountable encompasses many things: Bob Kreger engages in relentless continuing education updating his design and construction knowledge so he can deliver his promises as a multi-licensed specialist professional:

  • Licensed architect,
  • Licensed contractor 
  • Certified Passive Home Consultant 
  • Certified Passive House Builder 

Bob personally manages his projects on-site almost daily and is accountable for everything that happens on your project: communications, budget, daily building and schedule through to the finished product as well as after occupancy. Again, ask our past customers. Accountable means Sole-Source-Responsibility as well as mindful sustainability: low-carbon Living (lowenergy to zero-energy), designing for comfort (deliciously warm in winter, cool in summer), designing for “resilience” (mitigating oncoming Climate Change including water conservation strategies) and Universal Design (common sense aging in place with grace). You deserve to enjoy a healthy, easy-on-the-planet nest. It will have all the qualities, amenities, style, and sustainability you desire... Remarkable because your custom home reflects you, your needs and dreams and your lifestyle.