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Identifying a Site's "Water Balance"

Identifying a Site's "Energy Balance"




The emerging environmental imperative to curb greenhouse gas emissions is the core driver for Double Zero Homes. It is simply a choice: place high value on Zero Energy and Water as design responses.

As “Climate on the Move” becomes the New Norm, continuing to design and build with “business as usual” practices is inadequate on several levels to reduce the energy and water our buildings consume.  

We are redefining “beauty” and “high design” in architecture in this higher accountability context.

Double Zero Home services include:

Identifying a site’s “water balance” is a supply/demand equation. 

How much rain can a certain roof area capture? How much water can we conserve at home?

Employing Climate-Specific water conservation strategies leverages that precious rain water.

Identifying a site’s “energy balance” is also a supply/demand equation.

How much on-site renewable energy is available?  

What energy demand reduction techniques and zero carbon supplies can best leverage that limited renewable energy?

Our answers come from our architect-led integrated Design/Build process. 

By leveraging these “performance-driven” design balances to inform us in early design stages, we are simply harnessing the newest and best available physics-based energy modeling1 and water modeling software2 as well as traditional design methods. 

And a “performance-driven” build process works best within an architect-led design build delivery system. Clients have a single person to deal with and that person is responsible for the entire project. This not only makes things easier for the owner, but it also adds additional responsibility and pressure on the architect-builder to make sure that everything is done right the first time.

Of course, an ultimately successful Double Zero Home really depends on Double Zero Home occupants and their home management habits.

Double Zero Homes are a Paradigm Shift.

If you understand the profound Climate Change challenges impacting our lives, then you realize we have to change or the change will come to us.


What is now proved was once only imagined.
— William Blake


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Architect and custom homebuilder, Bob Kreger, President of Kreger Design Build LLC in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is certified as both a Passive House Consultant and a Passive House Builder. These certifications empower Bob to lead the residential design/build market by creating zero energy homes.

The Passive House Building Standard includes:

extremely low energy usage

high quality indoor air

very comfortable indoor temperatures year-round

substantial savings in annual operating costs

proven long term sustainability

Globally, millions of square feet of homes, multi-family structures and commercial buildings have been built to the Passive House Standard.

The driving force behind the architect-led Kreger Design Build LLC, is W. Robert (Bob) Kreger, AIA, who is also a licensed contractor. This firm designed and built the first custom LEED Platinum home in the state of New Mexico in 2008. Bob’s passion for energy efficiency and water conservation in residential construction is always at the forefront of decisions made for clients’ dream retirement homes.

Bob is also the inventor of an insulated rain water catchment system and CEO of RainVessels USA LLC. He is a Habitat for Humanity Hero and has won various awards for green building during several Parade of Homes sponsored by the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.

Photo Credit: Daniel Quat

NDK-ArtShow copy.jpg

Nancy Dean Kreger is the other half of Kreger Design Build. She brings her Visual Design background, artistic talent and friendly intuition to the mix. She created a gallery, Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom, in her hometown in Massachusetts featuring the work of 125 fine artists and craftspeople. Nancy's family have been entrepreneurs for generations so working in a family business is normal for her! As an artist she was chosen as the 2011 Santa Fe Wine Festival Artist and was part of a juried show sponsored by Women in the Arts, New Mexico.


Photo credit: Daniel Worth

Photo Credits: Nancy Dean Kreger, Rick Grenzeback, Steve Oles, Jack Parsons

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