Choosing an Architect-Led Design/Build Provider indeed takes careful consideration. You need the 'right' architect, qualified by experience and by a skill-set for your vision. Then the 'right' builder must appear. I am both a licensed architect and a licensed contractor specializing in high performance homes. 

In my experience, the best way to discover whether Kreger Design Build is a good 'fit' is to fully understand what you are looking for. This is achieved through our Initial Consultation Session. This may or may not be me! 

My Initial Consultation ... The First Step: 

  • Before you purchase land: Obtain a licensed architect's opinion of feasibility for your project or at least start with a site visit. Bob Recommends! Bob Kreger is a well-known architect/builder with a 20+-year track record producing custom residential homes in northern New Mexico. (He has over 30 years experience total.)
  • Produces an outline design program
  • Discusses potential design solutions
  • Discusses the 'look and feel' of these ideas
  • Familiarizes you with issues unique to New Mexico
  • Provides guidance on a very preliminary outline budget ...What are the major issues?
  • Empowers you with a One Page Action Plan
  • Produces all of the above in a Report just for you. This Report includes a Schedule of Services and Fees Proposal for the next stages of your project.
  • Note that the Consultation cost is credited to your account upon progression to the next stage. 

"A doctor wouldn't operate without a proper diagnosis. This Initial Consultation works in the same way. It starts with a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements. Then it gives you findings, recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and a budget."